Chatterino Changelog


  • Major: Fixed connection issues when joining 20+ channels. (#3112, #3115)
  • Major: Added support for twitch's new emote format. (#2992)
  • Major: Removed support for (un)following users since Twitch has removed this feature for 3rd party applications. (#3076, #3078)
  • Major: Added the ability to add nicknames for users. (#137, #2981)
  • Minor: Added autocompletion in /whispers for Twitch emotes, Global Bttv/Ffz emotes and emojis. (#2999, #3033)
  • Minor: Messages now use the timestamps provided by twitch instead of the user machine's time. (#3021)
  • Minor: Added informative messages for recent-messages errors. (#3029)
  • Minor: Added a section with helpful Chatterino-related links to the About page. (#3068)
  • Minor: Now uses spaces instead of magic Unicode character for sending duplicate messages (#3081)
  • Minor: Added the variable for filters (#3092, #3110)
  • Bugfix: Fixed "smiley" emotes being unable to be "Tabbed" with autocompletion, introduced in v2.3.3. (#3010)
  • Bugfix: Fixed PubSub not properly trying to resolve pending listens when the pending listens list was larger than 50. (#3037)
  • Bugfix: Copy buttons in usercard now show properly in light mode (#3057)
  • Bugfix: Fixed comma appended to username completion when not at the beginning of the message. (#3060)
  • Bugfix: Fixed bug misplacing chat when zooming on Chrome with Chatterino Native Host extension (#1936)
  • Bugfix: Channel point redemptions from ignored users are now properly blocked. (#3102)
  • Dev: Ubuntu packages are now available (#2936)
  • Dev: Disabled update checker on Flatpak. (#3051)
  • Dev: Add logging for HTTP requests (#2991)


  • Major: Added username autocompletion popup menu when typing usernames with an @ prefix. (#1979, #2866)
  • Major: Added ability to toggle visibility of Channel Tabs - This can be done by right-clicking the tab area or pressing the keyboard shortcut (default: Ctrl+U). (#2600)
  • Minor: Username in channel points rewards redemption messages is now clickable. (#2673, #2953)
  • Minor: Channel name in <channel> has gone offline. Exiting host mode. messages is now clickable. (#2922)
  • Minor: Added /openurl command. Usage: /openurl <URL>. Opens the provided URL in the browser. (#2461, #2926)
  • Minor: Updated to Emoji v13.1 (#2958)
  • Minor: Added "Open in: new tab, browser player, streamlink" in twitch link context menu. (#2988)
  • Minor: Sender username in automod messages shown to moderators shows correct color and display name. (#2967)
  • Minor: The /live split now shows channels going offline. (#2880)
  • Minor: Restore automod functionality for moderators (#2817, #2887)
  • Minor: Add setting for username style (#2889, #2891)
  • Minor: Searching for users in the viewer list now searches anywhere in the user's name. (#2861)
  • Minor: Added moderation buttons to search popup when searching in a split with moderation mode enabled. (#2148, #2803)
  • Minor: Made "#channel" in /mentions tab show in usercards and in the search popup. (#2802)
  • Minor: Added settings to disable custom FrankerFaceZ VIP/mod badges. (#2693, #2759)
  • Minor: Limit the number of recent chatters to improve memory usage and reduce freezes. (#2796, #2814)
  • Minor: Added /popout command. Usage: /popout [channel]. It opens browser chat for the provided channel. Can also be used without arguments to open current channels browser chat. (#2556, #2812)
  • Minor: Improved matching of game names when using /setgame command (#2636)
  • Minor: Now shows deletions of messages like timeouts (#1155, #2841, #2867, #2874)
  • Minor: Added a link to accounts page in settings to "You need to be logged in to send messages" message. (#2862)
  • Minor: Switch to Twitch v2 emote API for animated emote support. (#2863)
  • Bugfix: Now deleting cache files that weren't modified in the past 14 days. (#2947)
  • Bugfix: Fixed large timeout durations in moderation buttons overlapping with usernames or other buttons. (#2865, #2921)
  • Bugfix: Middle mouse click no longer scrolls in not fully populated usercards and splits. (#2933)
  • Bugfix: Fix bad behavior of the HTML color picker edit when user input is being entered. (#2942)
  • Bugfix: Made follower emotes suggested (in emote popup menu, tab completion, emote input menu) only in their origin channel, not globally. (#2951)
  • Bugfix: Fixed founder badge not being respected by author.subbed filter. (#2971)
  • Bugfix: Usercards on IRC will now only show user's messages. (#1780, #2979)
  • Bugfix: Messages that couldn't be searched or filtered are now handled correctly. (#2962)
  • Bugfix: Moderation buttons now show the correct time unit when using units other than seconds. (#1719, #2864)
  • Bugfix: Fixed FFZ emote links for global emotes (#2807, #2808)
  • Bugfix: Fixed pasting text with URLs included (#1688, #2855)
  • Bugfix: Fix reconnecting when IRC write connection is lost (#1831, #2356, #2850, #2892)
  • Bugfix: Fixed bit and new subscriber emotes not (re)loading in some rare cases. (#2856, #2857)
  • Bugfix: Fixed subscription emotes showing up incorrectly in the emote menu. (#2905)


  • New split for channels going live. (#1797)
  • Minor: Added a message that displays a new date on new day. (#1016)
  • Minor: Hosting messages are now clickable. (#2655)
  • Minor: Messages held by automod are now shown to the user. (#2626)
  • Minor: Load 100 blocked users rather than the default 20. (#2772)
  • Bugfix: Fixed a potential crashing issue related to the browser extension. (#2774)
  • Bugfix: Strip newlines from stream titles to prevent text going off of split header (#2755)
  • Bugfix: Automod messages now work properly again. (#2682)
  • Bugfix: Login expired message no longer highlights all tabs. (#2735)
  • Bugfix: Fix a deadlock that would occur during user badge loading. (#1704, #2756)
  • Bugfix: Tabbing in Select a channel to open is now consistent. (#1797)
  • Bugfix: Fix Ctrl + Backspace not closing colon emote picker. (#2780)
  • Bugfix: Approving/denying AutoMod messages works again. (#2779)
  • Dev: Migrated AutoMod approve/deny endpoints to Helix. (#2779)
  • Dev: Migrated Get Cheermotes endpoint to Helix. (#2440)


  • Fixed crashing when the extension is active. (#2704)
  • Added the ability to highlight messages based on user badges. (#1704)

  • Minor: Added visual indicator to message length if over 500 characters long (#2659)
  • Minor: Added is:<flags> search filter to find messages of specific types. (#2653, #2671)
  • Minor: Added image links to the badge context menu. (#2667)
  • Minor: Added a setting to hide Twitch Predictions badges. (#2668)
  • Minor: Optionally remove spaces between emotes. (#2651)
  • Minor: Improved UX of Rename Tab dialog. (#2713)
  • Bugfix: Added missing Copy/Open link context menu entries to emotes in Emote Picker. (#2670)
  • Bugfix: Fixed visual glitch with smooth scrolling. (#2084)
  • Bugfix: Clicking on split header focuses its split. (#2720)
  • Bugfix: Handle new user messages (aka "rituals") properly. (#2703)


  • Added "Channel Filters". See for more information. (#1748, #2083, #2090, #2200, #2225)

  • Added Streamer Mode configuration (under Settings -> General), where you can select which features of Chatterino should behave differently when you are in Streamer Mode. (#2001, #2316, #2342, #2376)

  • Color mentions to match the mentioned users. You can disable this by unchecking "Color @usernames" under Settings → General → Advanced. (#1963, #2284)

  • Added support for tabbing bit emotes - the ones you unlock after cheering to a streamer. (#2550)

  • Commands

    • Added /clip command, Alt+X keybind or Create a clip option in split header's context menu. This requires a new authentication scope so re-authentication will be required to use it. (#2271, #2377, #2528)
    • Added /block and /unblock aliases for the /ignore and /unignore commands. (#2370)
    • Added /clearmessages command - does what "Burger menu -> More -> Clear messages" does. (#2485)
    • Added /marker command - similar to webchat, it creates a stream marker. (#2360)
    • Added /chatters command showing chatter count. (#2344)
    • Added /streamlink command. Usage: /streamlink <channel>. You can also use the command without arguments in any twitch channel to open it in streamlink. (#2443, #2495)

  • User card

    • Major: User popup will now automatically add new messages as they are received. (#1982, #2514)
    • Minor: Made user card update user's display name (#2160)
    • Minor: Added follow age and sub age information to user card. (#2023)
    • Minor: Added customizable timeout buttons to the user info popup
    • Minor: Added image for streamer mode in the user popup icon.
    • Minor: Added VIP and un-VIP buttons to the user card.
    • Minor: Added a context menu to avatar in user card. It opens on right-clicking the avatar in user card. (#2517)
    • Minor: Added placeholder text for message text input box showing the current user name. (#2143, #2149, #2264)
  • Changed default settings

    • Minor: Colorized nicknames now enabled by default
    • Minor: Show channels live now enabled by default
    • Minor: Bold usernames enabled by default
  • Minor: Changed the English in two rate-limited system messages (#1878)

  • New settings

    • Minor: Added a setting to disable messages sent to /mentions split from making the tab highlight with the red marker (#1994)
    • Minor: Added a setting for displaying where the last message was.
    • Minor: Add a setting to limit the number of historical messages loaded from the Recent Messages API (#2250, #2252)
  • Removed features

    • Minor: Remove EmojiOne 2 and 3 due to license restrictions. (#1555)
    • Minor: Removed loading of "v1" window layouts. If you haven't updated Chatterino in more than 2 years, there's a chance you will lose your window layout.
  • Crashes

    • Bugfix: Fix a crash caused by FrankerFaceZ responding with invalid emote links (#2191)
    • Bugfix: Fix a freeze caused by ignored & replaced phrases followed by Twitch Emotes (#2231)
    • Bugfix: Fix a crash that occurred when moving splits across windows and closing the "parent tab" (#2249, #2259)
    • Bugfix: Fix a crash that occurred when the "Limit message height" setting was enabled and a message was being split up into multiple lines. IRC only. (#2329)
    • Bugfix: Fix crash occurring when pressing Escape in the Color Picker Dialog (#1843)
    • Bugfix: Starting Chatterino in a minimized state after an update will no longer cause a crash
  • Quality of live improvements

    • Major: Added custom FrankerFaceZ VIP Badges. (#2628)
    • Minor: Added in:<channels> search filter to find messages sent in specific channels. (#2299, #2634)
    • Minor: Allow for built-in Chatterino commands to be used in custom commands. (#2632)
    • Bugfix: Size of splits not saved properly (#2362, #2548)
    • Bugfix: Fix crash that could occur when the user changed the "Custom stream player URI Scheme" setting if the user had closed down and splits in the application runtime. (#2592)
    • Minor: Added a keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+F5) for "Reconnect" (#2215)
    • Minor: Improved viewer list window.
    • Minor: Added a button to the split context menu to open the moderation view for a channel when the account selected has moderator permissions. (#2321)
    • Minor: Commands are now saved upon pressing Ok in the settings window
    • Minor: Improve UX of the "Login expired!" message (#2029)
    • Minor: PageUp and PageDown now scroll in the selected split (#2070, #2081)
    • Minor: Remove "Case-sensitive" column for user highlights as user names are handled case-insensitive as wel. (#2404)
    • Minor: Improved search popup window titles. (#2268)
    • Minor: Allow highlights to be excluded from /mentions. Excluded highlights will not trigger tab highlights either. (#1793, #2036)
    • Minor: Added support for FrankerFaceZ badges. (#2101, part of #1658)
    • Minor: Added a navigation list to the settings and reordered them.
    • Minor: Added a link to to the context menu when right-clicking Twitch emotes. (#2214)
    • Minor: Added emote completion with : to the whispers channel (#2075)
    • Minor: Show the uploaders name in tooltips of BetterTTV emotes. (#2267)
    • Minor: You can now switch tabs in the Emote Popup using the Ctrl + 1/2/3/.../9 shortcuts. They work exactly the same as shortcuts in the main window. (#2263)
    • Minor: Added a reconnection link to the "You are banned" message. (#2266)
    • Minor: Made "#channel" in /mentions tab a clickable link that takes you to the channel that you were mentioned in. (#2220)
    • Minor: Made Try to find usernames without @ prefix option still resolve usernames when special characters (commas, dots, (semi)colons, exclamation mark, question mark) are appended to them. (#2212)
    • Minor: Made the current channels emotes appear at the top of the emote picker popup. (#2057)
    • Minor: Added viewer list button to twitch channel header. (#1978)
    • Minor: Added an option to only open channels specified in command line with -c parameter. You can also use --help to display short help message (#1940, #2368)
    • Bugfix: Fix quick switcher not respecting order of tabs when filtering (#2519, #2561)
    • Bugfix: Fix GNOME not associating Chatterino's window with its desktop entry (#1863, #2587)
    • Minor: Flag all popup dialogs as actual dialogs so they get the relevant window manager hints (#1843, #2182, #2185, #2232, #2234)
    • Minor: Don't show update button for nightly builds on macOS and Linux, this was already the case for Windows (#2163, #2164)
    • Minor: Tab and split titles now use display/localized channel names (#2189)
    • Minor: Made username autocompletion truecase (#1199, #1883)
    • Minor: Update the listing of top-level domains. (#2345)
    • Minor: Added human-readable formatting for remaining timeout durations. (#2398)
    • Minor: Update emojis version to 13 (2020). (#1555)
    • Minor: Humanized all numbers visible to end-users. (#2488)
    • Bugfix: Fix bug where the "check user follow state" event could trigger a network request requesting the user to follow or unfollow a user. By itself, it's quite harmless as it just repeats to Twitch the same follow state we had, so no follows should have been lost by this but it meant there was a rogue network request that was fired that could cause a crash (#1906)
    • Bugfix: /usercard command will now respect the "Automatically close user popup" setting (#1918)
    • Bugfix: Handle symlinks properly when saving commands & settings (#1856, #1908)
    • Bugfix: Modify the emote parsing to handle some edge-cases with dots and stuff. (#1704, #1714, #2490)
    • Bugfix: Fixed timestamps being incorrect on some messages loaded from the recent-messages service on startup (#1286, #2020)
    • Bugfix: Fixed timestamps missing on channel point redemption messages (#1943)
    • Bugfix: Fixed tooltip didn't show in EmotePopup depending on the Link preview setting enabled or no (#2008)
    • Bugfix: Fixed Stream thumbnail not updating after using the "Change channel" feature (#2074, #2080)
    • Bugfix: Fixed previous link info not updating after Link information setting is enabled (#2054)
    • Bugfix: Fix Tab key not working in the Ctrl+K Quick Switcher (#2065)
    • Bugfix: Fix bug preventing moderator actions when viewing a user card from the search window (#1089)
    • Bugfix: Fix : emote completion menu ignoring emote capitalization and inconsistent emote names. (#1962, #2543)
    • Bugfix: Fix a bug that caused Ignore page to fall into an infinity loop with an empty pattern and regex enabled (#2125)
    • Bugfix: Fix anonymous users being pinged by "username" justinfan64537 (#2156, #2352)
    • Bugfix: Fixed hidden tooltips when always on top is active (#2384)
    • Bugfix: Fix CLI arguments (--help, --version, --channels) not being respected (#2368, #2190)
    • Bugfix: Fix Twitch cheer emotes not displaying tooltips when hovered (#2434, #2503)
    • Bugfix: Fix BTTV/FFZ channel emotes saying unknown error when no emotes found (#2542)
    • Bugfix: Fix directory not opening when clicking "Open AppData Directory" setting button on macOS (#2531, #2537)
  • Information for developers

    • Dev: Properly respect RECONNECT messages from Twitch (#2347)
    • Dev: Updated minimum required Qt framework version to 5.12. (#2210)
    • Dev: Migrated Kraken::getUser to Helix (#2260)
    • Dev: Migrated TwitchAccount::(un)followUser from Kraken to Helix and moved it to Helix::(un)followUser. (#2306)
    • Dev: Migrated Kraken::getChannel to Helix. (#2381)
    • Dev: Migrated TwitchAccount::(un)ignoreUser to Helix and made TwitchAccount::loadIgnores use Helix call. (#2370)
    • Dev: Build in CI with multiple Qt versions (#2349)
    • Dev: Updated minimum required macOS version to 10.14 (#2386)
    • Dev: Removed unused humanize library (#2422)


  • Fixed a crash related to channel point rewards.
  • Fixed crash related to debug asserts.


  • Small behaviour changes and fixes.


  • Major: Emotes can now be completed by typing : in chat.

  • Major: Added support for messages redeemed with channel points on twitch. However they can only be viewed and not redeemed in chatterino.

  • Major: The users most recent messages are now shown in the user popup.

  • Major: Tabs can now be displayed on the left side of the window instead of the top.

  • An image uploader service can now be configured. After configuration you can drag images into chatterino or paste them.

  • The link preview can now show images of the website. This can be enabled in the settings.

  • A Streamer Mode was added. It hides user content while "obs" is running.

  • Added extension support for the chromium based browsers Brave, Vivaldi and Microsoft Edge.

  • Opening links in incognito mode now works with Microsoft Edge.

  • "Online Logs" has been removed as services have shut down.


  • Fixed a bug that made tooltips gain focus on windows.

  • Replaced the link parser with a custom one.


  • Fixed a bug that caused Chatterino to hang when parsing long links.

  • Fixed bit amounts not stacking properly.


  • Added setting to restart Chatterino after a crash.

  • The "access violation" issue in the windows installer related to "Rstrtmgr.dll" has been resolved.

  • You can now pause the chat while a hotkey is down.

  • You can now select a custom duration for pause-on-hover.

  • Timeouts and notices now show properly.

  • Scrollbar highlights now get refreshed when opening a popup/new split.

  • Added experimental support for IRC (available in settings).


  • Settings and logs can now be searched!

  • Added setting to open links in incognito by default.

  • Added discord-style searching "from:username" and "has:link"

  • Fixed highlights sometimes not playing sounds.

  • Fixed random crashes related to caching.

  • Minimized and maximized windows now get saved properly.

  • Bits now show up properly.

  • Ctrl+C now copies text in the search popup.


  • Added settings for beta updates.

  • Fixed messages like "connected" not showing.

  • Windows installer can now do a fresh install (deleting settings/cache).

  • Windows uninstaller will now delete cache files.

  • Fixed window size growing on restart.

  • User popup: Added button to copy username and id.

  • Added button to open AppData in the settings.

2.1.2 (Hotfix)

  • Fixed maximized and minimized windows not saving properly.


  • Fixed crash when removing accounts.

  • Window border is now gray instead of white (in dark mode).

  • Added settings:

    • Show each indiviual timeout, instead of combining them for each user.

    • Mention users with ,

    • Added button to import commands from Chatterino 1.

  • Reworked some settings to have more obvious and shorter wording.

  • Browser extension:

    • Fixed issue where it didn't run properly.

    • Fixed fullscreen mode.

    • Update has been deployed in chrome and firefox webstores.


  • Major: Added support for viewing users logs from

    {" "}
  • Major: Recent messages now get loaded when joining a channel.

  • Reordered settings.

  • Added settings:

    • Pause gif emotes when the window is unfocused.

    • Unshorten links.

    • Show emote previews on hover.

    • Show link info on hover.

    • Exclude users from highlights.

    • More sophisticated ignores.

  • Updated installer/update system.

  • Fixed double window frames.

    Added tabs in the emote popup.

  • Added an option to display all domains in all-lowercase. (anti scam)

  • Added update button to the titlebar instead of showing message boxes.

  • Added style setting for last message indicator

  • Improved link matching.

  • Fixed a bug where you would have to start chatterino before the browser would break the extension.


2.0.4 (Hotfix)

  • Fixed crash on windows 7 and 8fourtf

2.0.3 (Hotfix)

  • Fixed scaling of 150% or more.

  • Fixed issue where the window size is wrong on startup.



    • Fixed sometimes not being able to send messages.fourtf
  • Added autocompletion for commands.


    Fixed inline sent whispers marking all tabs.

  • Fixed crash when selecting font.

  • Fixed crash when selecting a channel to join.

  • Added an info message when trying to send messages as anon.

  • Fixed saving non-latin highlights, and copying weird smiley name.



    • Added support for the Chatterino browser extension.fourtf
  • Fixed account and command list crashing when removing elements.


    Added split header text color when the split is selected.

  • Fixed showing whispers sent by the user inline.

  • Fixed dragging the user info popup.

  • Fixed /clear not greying messages out.

  • Fixed tooltips being too big.



  • Initial release on windows.